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Rare maps of Cornwall

24 rare maps matched your search criteria.
London, 1746
160 x 200 mm., close margins as often the case but no loss, in good condition.
Stock number: 10478
£ 95

MACKENZIE, Murdoch Jnr.
Depot de la Marine, Paris, 1825
Carte de la Cote Occidentale d'Angleterre Depuis le Cap St. Agnes jusqu'a la Pte. de Hartland
630 x 450 mm., in good condition.
Stock number: 10434
£ 150

SIMMONS, Matthew
London, 1635-[36]
105 x 100 mm., with some restoration to the top margin and two small wormholes, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 9866
£ 375

BOWEN, Emanuel & KITCHIN, Thomas
Carington Bowles & Robert Sayer, London, 1750-[67]
A New Improved Map of Cornwall
540 x 700 mm., in early outline colour, with good margins, in good condition.
Stock number: 9372
£ 450

MEIJER, Pieter
Amsterdam, 1767
Het Graafschap Cornwall Verdeeld in deszelfs ...
165 x 195 mm., in very good condition.
Stock number: 9255
£ 125

KITCHIN, Thomas - JEFFERYS, Thomas
London, 1749
A Map of Cornwall
130 x 135 mm., in early outline colour with text below, in good condition.
Stock number: 9258
£ 125

London, 1746-[53]
155 x 195 mm., in good condition.
Stock number: 9261
£ 125

London, c.1759
65 x 115 mm., in outline colour and good condition.
Stock number: 9143
£ 110

London, 1817-[18]
Langley's New Map of Cornwall
200 x 260 mm., in lovely early wash colour, in good condition.
Stock number: 9072
£ 110

Salisbury, 1791
A New Map of Cornwall
505 x 555 mm., in fine early wash colour, a couple of minor tears in the upper margin repaired, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 9048
£ 495

MORDEN, Robert
London, 1695-[1772]
360 x 420 mm., small margin tear on left repaired, not affecting image, otherwise in good condition with tall margins.
Stock number: 9049
£ 185

BLOME, Richard
London, 1673
A Mapp of the county of Cornwal with its hundreds
240 x 310 mm., with minor rust mark upper right, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 9051
£ 225

KITCHIN, Thomas - BOWLES, Carington
London, 1769-[c.78]
Bowles's Reduced Map of Cornwall
305 x 375 mm., in good condition.
Stock number: 9052
£ 180

MOUNT, William & PAGE, Thomas
W & J Mount and T. Page at the Postern on Tower Hill, London, 1749
A New & Correct Draught of the Channell between England & France Shewing ye Sands Shoales depth of Water & Anchorage on ye said Coasts with the Setting of the Tydes and the time of High Water as observed by Capt. Edm. Halley
455 x 815 mm., one and a half sheets joined as one, with surface soiling, top margin cut close, lower right corner strengthened, light ink annotations to verso not visible from the front, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 8559
£ 495

London, 1950
Bartholomew's Revised
560 x 820 mm., printed colour, large folding map backed on linen within its publishers end boards complete with printed title, in very good condition.
Stock number: 8095
£ 95

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon
Amsterdam, 1608
Pascaarte va het vermaert Canael van Bristou ...
250 x 555 mm., small paper crease lower left of centre, two small marks in lower margin, otherwise a very good example.
Stock number: 7747
£ 1,325

London, October 1758
A Chart of the English Channel with the adjacent Coasts of England and France
185 x 260 mm., with folds as issued, in good condition.
Stock number: 7612
£ 60

SANSON, Nicolas
Paris, 1654
Provinces d'West, autrefois Royaume d'Westsex, l'Ille de Wight, Barck-Sh., Wilt-Sh., Dorste, Devonish et Cornwall
370 x 530 mm., in fine early outline colour, very good condition.
Stock number: 6994
£ 250

Amsterdam, 1630
Cornubia, Devonia, Somersetus, Dorcestria, Wiltonia, Glocestria, Monumetha, Glamorgan, Caermarden, Penbrok, Breknoke, et Herefordia
195 x 255 mm., in good condition.
Stock number: 6234
£ 150

London, 1675
The Continuation of ye Extended Road From Barstable to Truro
345 x 450 mm., a fine engraving in good condition.
Stock number: 6028
£ 165

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