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The Mapping of North America

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Rare maps of Canada

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RAYNAL, Guillaume Thomas Francois
Ernest van Harrevelt; Daniel Jean Changuion, Amsterdam, 1773
Carte des Lacs du Canada
190 x 290 mm., in very nice early outline colour, good condition.
Stock number: 10801
$ 595

LUCINI, Antonio Francesco
Florence, c.1665
Carta Seconda Generale del' America
ONE OF ONLY TWO KNOWN EXAMPLES. 225 x 195 mm., small tear lower left corner repaired, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10391
$ 65,000

London, 1764
A New Map of the North East Coast of Asia, and North West Coast of America, with the Late Russian Discoveries
170 x 230 mm., modern wash colour, in fine condition.
Stock number: 3996
$ 225

WELLS, Edward
London, 1700-[c.05]
A New Map of the most Considerable Plantations of the English in America
350 x 480 mm., in recent wash colour and good condition.
Stock number: 7988
$ 2,950

ALEXANDER, Sir William
London, 1624
(No title)
AN EXCEEDINGLY RARE MAP in its FIRST STATE. 250 x 340 mm., with wide margins, with some repair to double folds as might be expected, light fold along the centre, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 9881
$ 15,950

BROWNE, Christopher
C. Browne at the North gate of the Royal Exchange & by him at the Globe by the West end of St. Paul's Church, London, 1712
A New Mapp of New England and Annapolis with the Country's adjacent
BEAUTIFUL EARLY WASH COLOUR. 500 x 595 mm., in magnificent full early wash colour, good condition.
Stock number: 8247
$ 49,500

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