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Rare maps of Berkshire

10 rare maps matched your search criteria.
SAXTON, Christopher - HOLE, William
George Bishop and John Norton, London, 1607-[10]
Comitatus Bercheriae vulgo Barkshyre ...
THE FIRST PRINTED MAP OF BERKSHIRE. 240 x 330 mm., in good condition.
Stock number: 10990
£ 250

Jodocus Hondius, Amsterdam, 1595-[1611]
Warwicum, Northhamtonia, Huntingdonia, Cantabrigia, Suffolcia, Oxonium, Buckinghamia, Bedfordia, Hartfordia, Essexia, Berceria, Middelsexia, Southhatonia, Surria, Cantiu & Southsexia
365 x 470 mm., with recent full wash colour, top and bottom centrefold splits repaired, two margin paper faults, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10980
£ 250

Nuremberg, 1623-[c.40]
Vindesor in Engellandt
100 x 145 mm., in good condition.
Stock number: 8691
£ 135

London, 1780
145 x 230 mm., with very light water stain, printed in sepia on thick paper with good margins.
Stock number: 8372
£ 150

SANSON, Nicolas
Paris, 1654
Provinces d'West, autrefois Royaume d'Westsex, l'Ille de Wight, Barck-Sh., Wilt-Sh., Dorste, Devonish et Cornwall
370 x 530 mm., in fine early outline colour, very good condition.
Stock number: 6994
£ 250

Jany. 1st. 1776 by P. Sandby St. Georges Row, Oxford Turnpike, London, 1776
Eton College from Crown Corner
340 x 485 mm., sepia aquatint with very large margins.
Stock number: 4104
£ 650

BLOME, Richard
London, 1671-[73]
A Mapp of Barkshire with its Hundreds
185 x 310 mm., a fine example.
Stock number: 3853
£ 175

Amsterdam, 1645
Bercheria Vernacule Barkshire
410 x 530 mm., in magnificent early outline colour with full wash coloured cartouches.
Stock number: 3851
£ 450

SAXTON, Christopher - HOLE, William
London, 1607-[37]
Comitatus Bercheriae vulgo Barkshyre ...
240 x 330 mm., in fine condition. In early outline colour. Small centrefold split repaired lower margin stopping well short of the image.
Stock number: 3852
£ 250

Amsterdam, 1646
Hantoniae Comitatus cum Bercheria
440 x 550 mm., early outline colour.
Stock number: 2564
£ 625

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