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The Mapping of North America

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This map falls in to the rich vain that is the De L’Isle – Buache De Fonte controversy. Their cartography was refuted by the important Muller map of 1754 which incorporated the new discoveries of Bering and Tschirikow. Its most recognisable feature is the alluded peninsula form of Alaska. This would be the model for the region until Cook updated the cartography. Despite this he still included the mythical Sea of the West. This version published in the ‘London Magazine’ in May 1764 was more probably derived from the Thomas Jefferys version of 1761. It shows the tracks of the explorers. Falk (1983) 1764.3; Jolly, D.C. (Brit Per) LOND-237; Kershaw 1121.

A New Map of the North East Coast of Asia, and North West Coast of America, with the Late Russian Discoveries

London, 1764
170 x 230 mm., modern wash colour, in fine condition.
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$ 225
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