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The Mapping of North America

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FIRST EDITION. Daniel Paterson (1738-1825) was born at Duddingston, Edinburgh in 1738. Commissioned in the army in 1765 and served in the Quartermaster General’s department until 1812. He made Assistant Quartermaster General for the last eight years before his retirement. He then became Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec until his death in 1825. According to the ODNB it seems unlikely that he ever went there. ‘Paterson’s Roads’ was first published in 1771 and it proved to be a popular work being published into the nineteenth century. It only contained one general map. In 1785, this rarer work was published by Carington Bowles running to only five editions. There are two road strips per page, each individually numbered. It is notable for including some of the first road maps of many parts of Scotland. Paterson made no significant cartographic contribution but did however compile useful works containing much information on the roads. Provenance: bookplate of James Martin pasted inside cover of second volume; private English collection. Carroll (1996) Appendix 15; ODNB; ESTC T93554; Fordham (1925b) pp. 344-55; Fordham (1924) p. 36; Shirley (2004) T.Pat 1a.
BOWLES, Carington

Paterson's British Itinerary being A New and Accurate Delineation and Description of the Direct and Principal Cross Roads …

Carington Bowles, At his Map and Print-Warehouse, No. 69 St. Pauls Church Yard, London, 1785
Small quarto (185 x 110 mm.), two volumes, full early marbled calf, gilt panelled, rebacked with raised bands, blind ruled, calf gilt title and volume numbers affixed. Volume 1 with engraved general double-page map of England and Wales in early wash colour, engraved title page, dedication, General Contents, Preface, Index to the Direct Roads, Branch Roads and 186 strip road maps (2 to a page), 187 & 188 blank, pp. x, xxix, (1), 40 [paginated 189-228]; volume 2 with engraved title page 142 strip road maps (2 to a page), branch roads pp. 24 [paginated 143-167], (1), engraved title page to the Cross Roads, a further 30 strip road maps of the Cross Roads beginning on the verso of the title (2 to a page), Cross Roads and Roads in Scotland, Errata to the verso pp. 90, (1) [paginated 31-121].
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