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FIRST EDITION. This work by Fisher, Son and Co. was first issued in parts from 1842 to 1845, it is the only such atlas produced by them. The first nine county maps bear the imprint of ‘Gilbert’s County Atlas’ suggesting that it may have been begun by James Gilbert. These early plates were engraved by Joshua Archer, five of them are dated between April and June 1842. These suggest a publication rate of one or two maps per month. The last two of Oxford and Gloucestershire both have a change of imprint to Fisher indicating a change in publisher. Gilbert was an active publisher of cartographic items from the mid-1820s. The Fisher firm was founded by Henry Fisher (d.1837) and became Fisher, Son & Co. when his son Robert joined the firm in 1825.

The remainder of the maps are engraved by F. P. Becker & Co. They all bear a resemblance to those of Walker’s ‘British Atlas’ of 1837. The date of the general map is 1845, suggesting the date of completion. The atlas bears two double page county maps in Lincolnshire and Devonshire. Quite why these two are depicted so is unclear. The binding order is also curious starting with those of Leicestershire and Rutland combined, they reflect the order in which the part issues were published. Roman numerals on most of the plates confirm this. From here they jump geographically and alphabetically. Provenance: bookplate of Harold Egan pasted inside front cover; Brian Kentish catalogue 2012 item 23; private English collection. Beresiner (1983) p. 101; Carroll (1996) 111; Chubb (1927) 504; Smith (1985) pp. 136-7.

Fisher's County Atlas of England and Wales. Compiled from Authentic Surveys, and Corrected to the Present Time. With a Topographical and Statistical Description of Each County

Fisher, Son, & Co, London, [1845]
FIRST EDITION. Folio (370 x 310 mm.), contemporary half calf, cloth boards blind ruled, spine with gilt ruled compartments, gilt title, light wear. With title page, preface and contents leaf and 96 pages of descriptive text interspersed with 48 maps consisting of 1 folding general map of England and Wales, 39 maps of the counties (Leicestershire and Rutland together) and Wales made up of 6 sheets, those of Lincolnshire and Devon are double page, all in early wash colour, general map with tear repaired, Gloucestershire with old tear repair, otherwise in good condition.
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