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The history of the so-called miniature Speed atlas is long and complicated. Its beginnings present unanswered questions as three of the plates are dated 1599 by the engraver Pieter van der Keere. There was, however, no published edition until that of Willem Blaeu in 1617. The success of John Speed’s folio atlas first published in 1611-[12] encouraged the publisher George Humble (1572-1640) to acquire this series of plates for a miniature version of the atlas. Some plates were re-worked, and several new ones engraved to expand the number of maps from 44 to 63. The first edition of ‘England Wales Scotland and IreLand Described’ was published in 1627. In 1646 a the atlas was published by his son William Humble (1611-86).

In 1658 Humble sold his rights and the plates to William Garrett. By 1662 Garrett had transferred those rights to Roger Rea (1606-65). In that year Roger Rea, both father and son, published a further edition. Skelton, in his study of British county atlases, identified an edition between that of 1662 and 1666 which was in the Gardner collection. He described it as being printed by Mary Simmons with reset text. The 1662 edition bears paragraph numbers. For the 1666 edition they were placed in brackets. The Gardner copy bore brackets, but the text had different speeling in several places. There was no title page present and on the basis that it contained the ‘Prospect’ dated 1665, it was assigned that date. Its present whereabouts are unknown. He speculated that the lack of a title page to the British section was due to a much-worn plate. Indeed it was, because this example contains the same title page but here re-worked. The most notable difference is the omission of the imprint engraved lower left and the entire base upon which the two figures stand is re-engraved. It can be shown that this example is that listed by Skelton as the title page still bears ‘privilegie’. For the following edition it is altered to ‘privilegio’.

The most important discovery is that the title is dated 1666. It is a logical conclusion that this edition was issued prior to the Great Fire of London, explaining its rarity. The subsequent edition may logically be seen as a post-fire production due to the initial run possibly being destroyed, it is more readily seen. This very example acquired by us in June 1994 contained an engraved title but lacked the two folding maps. It was this work which answered the question of dating. Provenance: Plas – Heaton, Denbighshire bookplate, of the Heaton family from Lancashire; acquired from Colin Page Books, London Book Fair 30 June 1994. Refer Chubb (1927) 16; not in the ESTC; refer Hodson (1974) 5.3; refer Kingsley (1982) 8.2; refer Shirley (2004) T.Kee 1a; Skelton (1970) 82.


England Wales Scotland and IreLand Described and Abridged With ye Historie Relation of things worthy memory from a farr Larger Voulume

Roger Rea, London, 1665-66
Oblong octavo (102 x 158 mm.), half eighteenth-century speckled calf marbled boards, spine with gilt ruled compartments, red calf gilt title label. With re-touched engraved title page, ‘Catalogue of all the Shires’ (both shaved) and 63 engraved maps, the British Isles and Yorkshire folding and supplied loose, some text trimmed with light loss, and fortunately only the map of Leicester is similarly effected, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10895


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