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The Mapping of North America

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A good example of the Blome-Taylor atlas. The plates used in this atlas were first published by Richard Blome (1635-1705) as ‘Speed’s Maps Epitomiz’d’ in 1681. A further edition followed in 1685 and a ‘Cosmography and Geography’ in 1693. The whereabouts of the Blome plates after 1693 is unknown. Blome had died in 1705, but it is unlikely that Thomas Taylor (c.1670-1730) acquired them at this date as no issue is known before 1715. The earliest we hear of Taylor in business is 1711. The ‘England Exactly Described’ was first advertised in the ‘Daily Courant’ 24 September 1715. The earliest versions of the atlas did not contain a map of Scotland but reacting to news of the Jacobite Rebellion earlier in the month he quickly rectified this advertising the fact by the first week in November. A further enlargement is dated from an advert placed in the ‘Daily Courant’ 1 March 1717. It bears a re-worded title and four new leaves describing the roads. A general map of Ireland dated 1716 has been added to the work giving a total of 42 maps. This atlas is that identified as ‘F’ in Hodson’s listing, indeed it is his own copy. Hodson extended the work of R. A. Skelton in studying county atlases of the British Isles and was the first to fully understand the history of this work. Provenance: Clive A Burden Ltd.; Donald Hodson collection (1933-2016), carto-bibliographer. Chubb (1927) 136; ESTC T166161; Hodson (1984-97) 139 Atlas F; Roberts (1994) pp. 34-9; Shirley (2004) T.Blom 3c; Worms & Baynton-Williams (2011).
BLOME, Richard & TAYLOR, Thomas

England Exactly Described Or a Guide to Travellers

Thomas Taylor at ye Golden Lyon in Fleetstreet, London, c.1716
FULL EARLY WASH COLOUR. Quarto (240 x 160 mm.), full early calf, ornate gilt panelled boards, rebacked spine with gilt ruled raised bands, red calf gilt title. With engraved double page title, 41 double page maps numbered to 41 (Scotland unnumbered, Cumberland and Westmoreland combined ‘8 & 9’). England and Scotland both first state, as called for, all in fabulous early wash colour, in good condition.
Stock number: 9491
£ 4,500
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