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This is the smallest of the three English county atlases produced by John Cary. It was described by Cary as being an abridgement of the ‘New and Correct Atlas’ of 1787. It was designed to be of use to travellers on the widening network of turnpike roads. It was first published in 1790. The 1806 edition actually utilised a newly engraved set of plates. For this edition, all the maps now bear the date 1819. They are printed on one side only and bound facing each other in pairs. Minor alterations occur to most maps and canals are added to some. This is bound with ‘Cary’s New Itinerary’ which was first published in 1798. It ‘describes a vast number of the country’s roads in words, giving mileage’s, places passed, suitable inns, and the most notable properties with owners’ names along each route; the format is identical to that of the atlas. The book’s authority depended on the survey of roads that Cary made for the Postmaster General during the middle of the 1790s’ (Carroll). A very good example of this atlas. Provenance: private English collection. Chubb (1927) no. 281; Fordham (1924) pp. 42-3; Fordham (1925) pp. 35-9 & 62-8; Smith (1988) pp. 40-47.
CARY, John

Cary's Traveller's Companion, or, A Delineation of the Turnpike Roads of England and Wales [bound with] Cary's New Itinerary: or an Accurate Delineation of the Great Roads, Both Direct and Cross throughout England and Wales; With many of the Principal Roads in Scotland

John Cary, Engraver, and Map-seller, Strand, London, 1819
Sextodecimo (180 x 115 mm.), full contemporary diced russia calf wrap complete with flap and retainer, rebacked with red calf gilt title label, with convenient pocket built in the back, marbled endpapers. Engraved title, Advertisement, Contents, general map and 40 maps of the counties, that of Yorkshire folding and backed with linen, North and South Wales, in all 43 maps, all in early outline colour, index of ‘Market and Borough Towns’ in pp. 5, ‘Routes; Exhibiting the Direct Road’ in pp. 11; Leaf with comment to the reader placed facing the title, engraved title to the New Itinerary, large folding general map of England & Wales in two halves and full early wash colour, Advertisement pp. 6, Table of Contents with advert for globes on verso, Index of Direct Roads from London unpaginated, Tables showing the immediate Route from the Metropolis in 124 numbered columns, 2 to a page, Index to the Rivers and Navigable Canals pp. 2, Alphabetical Arrangement of the Principal Places … Cross Roads pp. 6, List of Cross Roads pp. 8, Coach Directory places pp. 10, Coach Directory Inns in the Metropolis from which Mail and Other Stage Coaches Depart, Stages going from London to the circumjacent Villages, Provincial Stage Coaches, Index of Places, Description of Cary’s Improved Map of England, 6 regional maps including one of the Isle of Wight, New Itinerary and Index in 991 mostly numbered columns, calculation of Posting on verso. In very good condition.
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