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Despite being entitled ‘Camden’s Britannia’ it bears no relation to William Camden famous text. It is virtually page for page the same content as the ‘Family Topographer’ with new titles. The first two volumes lack a date but the remainder bear the same dates. Carto-bibliographies cite the date 1842 for this publication without supplying evidence. The last volume is clearly dated 1843. Either the work was issued simultaneously with the ‘Family Topographer’ and the ‘Compendium’ or as one complete work in 1843. The latter is more likely as a different publisher is involved. All volumes bear the imprint of Henry George Bohn who worked from the York Street address from 1831 to 1881. As a different publisher is involved it is more likely that he acquired the remainder text after the final volume was issued and re-issued it under a new title.

Although this series of maps does not readily identify the engraver they are the work of James Cox (fl.1815-41). A distinction of these maps is that the county capital bears the distance from London whereas all other towns the distance is from the county capital. Their first issue identifies the publisher as John Bumpus, believed to be the brother of Thomas Bumpus, founder of the well-known booksellers of the same name still in operation. John Bumpus drowned himself in the Surrey Canal in 1832 leaving a widow and six children.

The first identified use of the maps is in ‘British Atlas’ of 1822. It is extremely rare with none recorded in institutions. They next appear in Samuel Tymm’s ‘Family Topographer’ in which the volumes are organised by Circuits; the Home Circuit, Western Circuit, Norfolk Circuit, Oxford Circuit, Midland Circuit, Northern Circuit and Middlesex, London and Westminster. This work with a new publisher in Henry George Bohn appears to have re-issued the text of the ‘Family Topographer’ with the same maps unaltered. Provenance: with inscription of ‘C. H. Welyn White’ added to first free endpaper. Carroll (1996) no. 81; Chubb (1927) 441; Worms & Baynton-Williams (2011).
TYMMS, Samuel

Camden's Britannia Epitomized and Continued; being A Compendious Account of the Antient and Present State of the Counties of England

Henry G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden, London, 1832-43
Octavo, 7 volumes (170 x 105 mm. each), each in full contemporary green cloth, blind panelled boards, gilt titles to spine. Typographic half title and title to first volume, the remaining volumes each with 1 typographic title page, pp. xii, (2), 224; iv, (4), 296; (8), 223; (8), 296; (8), 40, 30, 40, 40, 30, 10, 36, (2), 46, (6); (8), 39, (1), 31, (1), 43, (1), 43, 28, vii, (1), 112; (8), 1-16, 13*-16*, 17-92, 172, with 41 engraved maps. In good condition.
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