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An uncommon map of Wales published in Robert Morden’s ‘Geography Rectified’. On 29 April 1680 Robert Morden advertised for sale in the ‘London Gazette’ his first atlas, a geographical text illustrated with sixty-two small engraved maps. Morden had previously been in collaboration with others, often publishing individual maps of some considerable merit. A study of the plates indicates the possibility that they were engraved by Herman Moll, whose earliest known work was for Moses Pitt in the production of his atlas from 1678. Being an active publisher, the history of the plates in the ‘Geography Rectified’ is long and not so simple. There were later editions of the work in 1688, 1693 and 1700. The second edition was ‘enlarged with about twenty new maps’ and included a total of seventy-six. One of these was this map of Wales. This example purportedly came from the 1699 edition. Provenance: Thomas Booth 1992; private English collection. Not in Booth (1977); Phillips Atlases 4268; Roberts (1994) [16]; Shirley BL T.Mord 2c no. 5; Tyacke (1978) nos. 149, 244, & 320-1.
MORDEN, Robert


London, 1688-[99]
140 x 125 mm., recent wash colour, in good condition.
Stock number: 10659
£ 125
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