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This Connecticut colonial currency is part of a £60,000 emission of bills of credit issued as Treasury Notes and payable by January 1, 1781 without interest. A two shilling note was last issued on 1 July 1775, otherwise not since 1746. These largely smaller denomination notes were issued to replace the coins which were being melted down to support the war effort. The notes were printed in New London by Timothy Green II. His uncle before him of the same name had printed previous Connecticut currency.

The colonial seal appears on the front with the often present hand above the grape vines pointing to the right. The text was typeset and the ornate borders engraved. The colony’s motto ‘Sigillum: Colon: Connecticensis’ surrounds it with a further abbreviated motto within ‘Qui Tran Sust’, here with the final N and final T present and sometimes lacking. It is signed and numbered in red ink by Benjamin Payne with the printers imprint on the verso showing it to be printed in New London. This example has been redeemed indicated by the cancelled ‘X’ cut.


Two Shillings

Timothy Green II, New London, 1776
91 x 71 mm., a strong impression, cancelled with an ‘X’ cut, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10836


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