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This is the first large scale map of Shropshire engraved at one inch to the mile. This is the first of his four county surveys and is in his fine distinctive style. The high level of detail displayed extends to each field being marked. The method by which Rocque engraves the individual fields helps to indicate its actual use: ploughed field or otherwise. The Explanation lower right is in both English and French reflecting Rocque’s French background. There is even a little translation table of terms found below the scale of miles. An inset in the upper left sheet features the Parish of Hales which is ‘detach’d from the Said County Eleven Miles’. The large extremely decorative title cartouche bears the dedication to George, Prince of Wales, the title and Explanations in both English and French. An early catalogue indicates that the map was for sale at 12s 6d. There was only one edition.

Jean Rocque (c.1704-62), to use his native name, was a Huguenot émigré who at an early age settled in England. By 1734 he was a surveyor, engraver and publisher. His work is renowned for its beauty as well as its accuracy and several important large scale maps were produced by him. Amongst his several large scale productions are only four large scale county maps, the first was of Shropshire in 1752 followed by Middlesex, 1757, Berkshire 1761 and Surrey posthumously in c.1768. Rodger (1972) 387.


To His Royal Highness George Prince of Wales etc. This Actual Survey of the County of Salop is most humbly Inscribed By His Most Dutiful and most Obedient Servant John Rocque

London, 1752
1115 x 1040 mm., in four loose sheets. With early outline colour, in EXCELLENT CONDITION.
Stock number: 4208


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