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This Thirty Dollar paper currency was part of an emission of $5,000,000 payable in Spanish milled dollars, or the equivalent in gold or silver. It was authorised by the Continental Congress then meeting in Baltimore because Philadelphia had been occupied by British forces. The location of the printers, Hall and Sellers, which had been mentioned on previous issues which left off of this and all subsequent Continental Congress issues. Although this emission is known as the Baltimore issue, Newman suspects the bills could have been partly or entirely printed in Philadelphia. This was the last issue to use the phrase “The United Colonies”. The paper, made at Ivy Mills in Chester County, Pennsylvania, contained blue fibres and mica flakes. Detector bills were printed on blue paper. Denominations printed were: $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, $7, $8, and $30. This $30 bill issued 26 February 1777 is signed by Samuel Stinger Coale and Rinaldo Johnson.

Thirty Dollars

Continental Congress, Philadelphia, 1777
72 x 96 mm., printed paper currency.
Stock number: 10834
$ 450
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