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An EXTREMELY RARE PANORAMA OF YORK. The earliest panorama of York was published by Edmond Barker in 1718. Samuel Buck published a similar two-sheet view in 1722. The third is this published by John Haynes a draughtsman, surveyor, engraver and printer in York. All are exceedingly rare and virtually never seen on the market. This is an earlier publication than any cited in Worms & Baynton-Williams who first place him in Fossgate in 1735. They state that he was “Said to have been born in York about 1705. Possibly the John Haines[sic] apprenticed to Sutton Nicholls in 1716, although also identified with the John Haynes who became a freeman of York as a saddler in 1728”. Hyde notes that “Town prospects in the early eighteenth century tended to originate in the town depicted, being drawn by a local artist and published by a local printer. To make the publishing exercise economic, however, financial assistance from the City Fathers or from a local nobleman was critical. So too was support from a London print publisher who had the organization for selling it within the national and international market”.

The viewpoint is looking along the Tadcaster Road towards Micklegate and York itself. Forty five notable places are listed in the key below, including the names of many prominent individuals’ residences. The view is dedicated to Sir William Millner and Edward Thompson, both members in Parliament for York. The arms of the city appear upper left, with the sword of state and the Lord Mayor’s cap and mace upper right above the scale. Below this is a delightful image of the York racecourse complete with stand for spectators, scaffold and even the roller for the course! The whole was engraved by Benjamin Cole (1695-1766); at least we presume so from the date. He was however an instrument maker, it was his father of the same name (1667-1729) who was an engraver although he died in 1729. It is possible that it is to the father that this must be attributed. A proof state exists lacking the imprint which was discovered in the 1980s. There also exists a later state bearing the imprint of Richard Caldwell of which just two examples are known: the Royal Collection at Windsor and in the Bodleian Library. Of this first state ONLY ONE OTHER EXAMPLE IS RECORDED, in the British Library. Provenance: private English collection. Refer Hyde (1985) no. 25; Worms & Baynton-Williams (2011).


The South West Prospect of the Antient City of York wth. the Platt-form of Knaresmire. Whereon His Majesty King George the Second's Hundred Guineas was Run for Aug.t ye 16th Anno Domini 1731

Thomas Bakewell Print & Map Seller over against Birchin Lane Cornhill, York, 1731
AN EXTREMELY RARE PANORAMA OF YORK. 495 x 1280 mm., 2 sheets joined, with some minor tears in the margins just entering the engraving (one through the title), a couple of paper creases, otherwise in good condition.
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£ 8,950
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