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The Ulm Ptolemy was the last and largest of the four distinct series of Ptolemaic maps produced in the fifteenth century’ (Campbell). It was published by Lienhart Holle and was re-issued in 1486 by Johann Reger. The maps from the two editions are most easily distinguished by the addition of a title above each map in the 1486 edition. These examples are from the first edition where the ‘sea is treated to a rich blue (colour) in the first edition and in a soft brown for the 1486 re-issue’ (Campbell). The Italy is one of just five ‘modern’ maps added to those of Ptolemy. The blocks were cut by Johannes of Armsheim. With metal-type lettering projected with a trapezoid border. Latin text on the verso with coloured capital letter and border. Borri no. 4; Campbell ‘Earliest Printed Maps’ pp. 135-8; Dalché (2007) ‘The Reception of Ptolemy’s Geography (End of the Fourteenth to Beginning of the Sixteenth Century’ in ‘The History of Cartography’ volume 3 part 1 pp. 285-364; Nordenskiold 199; Perini p. 19; Shirley ‘Atlases in the BL’ T.Ptol-4a.
PTOLEMY, Claudius – HOLLE, Leinhart

Tabvla Moderna Italie & Septima Evrope Tabvla

Ulm, 1482
350 x 540 mm., both woodcuts in magnificent early wash colour. Some repair to area of loss to the lower half near the centre fold of the Italy effecting the toponym.
Stock number: 3559


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