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The Mapping of North America

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This Ptolemaic map of North West Africa apart from depicting Morocco also shows southern Spain and the Balearic Islands. In North Africa the map extends eastwards toward modern day Algeria and to the west the Pillars of Hercules flank the Strait of Gibraltar. Martin Waldseemuller was the geographer behind one of the early schools to study cartography, that at St. Die. He was the author of the wall map of 1507 which named America for the first time. In that same year it is believed he completed the maps for an edition of Ptolemy’s ‘Geography’. It was not until 1513 though that it was published. The printer was Joannes Schott. Karrow (1993) 80/16; Nordenskiold (1979) no. 205; Pastoureau (1984) Ptolemee A; Shirley (2004) T.Ptol-6a.

Tabula Prima Africae

Strasbourg, 1513
330 x 530 mm., recent wash colour, in excellent condition.
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£ 2,950
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