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The Mapping of North America

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Pieter van den Keere first engraved these plates c.1599 which were eventually published in 1617 by Willem Blaeu in a Latin edition of William Camden’s ‘Britannia’. Many of the counties were joined with others on some of the maps, one of these was that of the south east which included Surrey, Sussex and Kent. The plates were next published in England by George Humble under the title of ‘England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland Described’. For this edition each county which had previously been illustrated along with another now had its own map. The English issues came to be known as ‘miniature Speed’s’ as Humble also published the folio John Speed atlas, and here utilised the text. Various editions up to 1676 were published. This example is from the 1646 edition. Skelton 19.
KEERE, Pieter van den


George Humble, London, 1627-[46]
85 x 120 mm., with accompanying text, in good condition.
Stock number: 9264


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