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With according to Lada-Mocarski the FIRST printed map to name ALASKA. It also noted that the speech does not call for a map and that “occasionally one finds a copy with the folding map.” This is the speech made in the Senate by the senator from Massachusetts in support of the ratification by the Senate of the Treaty of Cession of Russian America to the United States. The Treaty was ratified on May 28, 1867. Secretary Seward, its main architect in the United States, speaking at Sitka in August 1869, said in part, “Mr. Sumner, in his elaborate and magnificent oration … has not exaggerated – no man can exaggerate – the marine treasures of the territory” … At the time of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the purchase of Alaska by the United States, the Library of Congress had a small exhibition of manuscript documents … dealing with this event. Among other items shown there was a copy of Sumner’s speech herein described, opened to show the map … The Library of Congress note accompanying this exhibit stated that this was the first use on a map of the name Alaska (for the territory as we now know it), also that the map in question was published after the Treaty had been signed, but some months before the actual transfer of Alaska to the United States took place.” Falk 1867-2; Lada-Mocarski no. 159.
SUMNER, Charles

Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner ... on the Cession of Russian America to the United States

Washington, 1867
THE FIRST PRINTED MAP TO NAME ALASKA. Octavo (230 x 150 mm.), original paper wrappers. With title page, and pages numbered to 48. With the large folding map of Alaska 92 x 56 cms. In very good condition.
Stock number: 1652


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