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The Mapping of North America

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An extremely rare map with only three examples traced; in the Royal Library, Stockholm, the War Archives in Stockholm and in the National Library of Australia. It is not recorded in Tooley’s Australia. Wilhelm Maximillian Carpelan (1787-1830) was born in Finland and became an officer in the Swedish army. He became an aide to Count Sandels, the Swedish governor in Christiania, from 1819-24. Whilst in Norway he travelled extensively and published a fine illustrated work on the country in 1821-23. In 1826 he published a fine detailed map of southern Norway which became the prototype for others. He returned to Stockholm and became chief of the ‘Ingenjorskar’ from 1826 to his death in 1830. Here he organised the engraving department.

Over the years Australia has been known by different appellations. The most enigmatic of them was Ulimaroa. This map is a later Swedish edition of Daniel Djuberg’s original published in Stockholm in 1780. The name was first used by Djurberg (1744-1834) in 1776. A member of the Cosmographical Society in Uppsala he wanted to give the land an indigenous name, instead of the European ones placed on it to date. ‘Ulimaroa’ is a Maori term originally found in Hawkesworth’s edition of Captain James Cook’s voyage. Some believe the Maori were actually referring to Grand Terre in New Caledonia. The Austrian mapmaker Franz Anton Schraembl in 1789 published a map using the same name as did Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly.

Australia is here identified as ‘Nya Holland Ulimoroa’, an inset lower left focuses on the area around Sydney. Ginsberg (2009) pp. 192-4; Tent, Jan & Geraghty, Paul (2012) ‘Where in the World is Ulimaroa’, in ‘Journal of Pacific History’ volume 47; Not in Tooley’s Australia; Tooley’s Dictionary.
CARPELAN, Wilhelm Maximillian

Polynesien eller Australien

Stockholm, 1827
225 x 280 mm., in early outline colour and good condition.
Stock number: 9661


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