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Saxton’s map of Pembroke was one of the last five engraved. A later edition of the map listed previously sold by George Willdey. In his possession George Willdey applied his imprint top centre; here it is removed with only faint remains by Thomas Jefferys. The impression is quite strong.

Thomas Willdey successor to George Willdey died in 1748 and the business was closed as there were many creditors. It would seem logical to assume that it was sometime shortly after that Thomas Jefferys acquired them. Only two years earlier he had been appointed Geographer to the Prince of Wales and was just finding his feet. He began his esteemed career as an engraver and turned to publishing. No doubt these plates came his way at a tempting price. The atlas was not advertised and it would seem that Jefferys was content to sell the maps loose only binding a collection of the maps on request. Certainly this is supported by the fact that only FOUR EXAMPLES SURVIVE. An extremely rare edition. Evans (1964) MCC no. 13 p. 6; Evans & Lawrence (1979) pp. 53-8 & 163; Hodson (1984-97) I no. 184; Shirley (2004) T.Sax 1h.
SAXTON, Christopher – JEFFERYS, Thomas


London, 1578-[c.1749]
EXTREMELY RARE STATE. 355 x 465 mm., early outline colour; signs of old folds, light water staining to the upper part of the map, not too noticeable from the front, otherwise a very good example.
Stock number: 4266
£ 890
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