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Basilius Besler’s ‘Hortus Eystettensis’ is generally considered to be one of the most important and most beautiful florilegia ever published. It was commissioned by the Prince-Bishop Johann Conrad von Gemmingen in 1606, whose castle overlooked Eichstatt, a town to the south of Nuremberg. The garden was begun by Joachim Camerarius the younger (1534-98) in 1596 and was completed by Basilius Besler, a pharmacist from Nuremberg who also owned a fine garden and a collection of scientific curiosities. Within a few years the gardens of Eichstatt had become one of the most renowned in Europe.

Papas Peruanorum (Potato)

Papas Peruanorum (Potato) (decorative print)
Eichstatt, 1613
c. 18.5 x 15.5 inches, modern colour, copper plate engraving. A repaired wormholes in the lower left margin, not affecting the image. Plate 345. Potato.
Stock number: D3272
$ 1600
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