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The Mapping of North America

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Whilst Shirley recorded 3 states in his work, we are now aware of thirteen. This is the fourth state. The first few states added various toponyms are different stages. Cornelis Danckerts (1561-1631) began the family tradition as a printseller active in Antwerp. His son, confusingly known as Cornelis the elder (1603-56) was a noted engraver of several maps. He had two sons, Dancker Danckerts (1634-66) and Justus Danckerts (1635-1701), both following in the business, but the latter in particular grew the business. It is his son Theodore Danckerts (1663-c.1727) who published this map attributed to c.1685 on the basis that every known state bears the privilege granted in 1684. A beautiful cartouche upper right features the coats of arms of Scotland, Ireland, and England. Provenance: Doreen Green 1998; private English collection. Koeman Dan I no. 6 pp. 88-91; Shirley (1988) Danckerts 2; Tooley’s Dictionary.
DANCKERTS, Theodorum

Novissima et Accuratissima Totius Angliae Scotiae et Hiberniae Tabula

Amsterdam, 1685
505 x 580 mm., in recent full wash colour, in very good condition.
Stock number: 10517


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