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The Mapping of North America

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Matthaus Merian began publishing the ‘Theatrum Europaeum’ in 1633, it was not finished until 1738 by which time 21 volumes had been issued including some 20,000 pages of text, 720 maps, plans, views and other engravings and nearly 700 portraits. Many of the earliest plates were issued in Johann Angel von Werdenhagen’s ‘De Rebus Publicis Hanseaticus’ of 1644 including this fine map of central Europe. The map is more of the German speaking regions of Europe than of Germany itself as it takes in Switzerland, all of north eastern Italy, Austria and much of eastern Europe. There are two plates by Merian, both are very similar. This one is easily determined by the presence of the coats of arms running across the top of the map. Shirley BL G.Werd 1a no. 3 & G.Meri 1a.
MERIAN, Matthaus

Nova Totius Germaniae Descriptio Teutschland

Frankfurt, c.1650
305 x 365 mm., trimmed lightly across the upper margin, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 9689


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