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The Mapping of North America

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This extremely rare map was until recently unrecorded. There are only three known examples of this first state, two in private collections in France and America and this one. It is a Parisian version of the Visscher issue of the van den Keere of America, 1614. However, here Honervogt does not include any decorative borders and alters the cartouche. He was a native of Cologne, born c.1590, and engraved in Paris from 1608. By 1624 he was established in his own shop, and died c.1663. This forms one of a set of continental maps in which the Europe is dated 1640. Loeb-Larocque records them as being found in two states, the latter with the imprint of Jollain. Provenance: Burden collection. Burden (1996) 259; Loeb-Larocque (1989) pp. 18-19, nos. 3 & 4, & pl. 4; Loeb-Larocque (1993).

Nova America Descriptio Per N. Iô Visscher

Paris, 1640
340 x 465 mm., with lower corners torn away, not affecting image, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 9994


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