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The Mapping of North America

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A superb decorative frontispiece to Van Keulen’s sea atlas entitled ‘De Groote Ligtende Zee-Fakkel’ published in 1709. It displays a scene with nine cartographers surrounding a globe studying and debating issues. Above them is a scene of the heavens with cherubs. The firm of Van Keulen was founded around 1678 by Johannes van Keulen (1654-1715) and in 1680 he published the ‘Zee Atlas’. The multi volume ‘Zee Fakkel’ followed soon after. On his 50th birthday he left the management of the firm to his talented son Gerard (1678-1726). Gerard set about replacing many of his father’s sea charts the first of which was published in 1698. Koeman (1967-70) Keu 38B.
KEULEN, Johannes van


Amsterdam, 1709
495 x 275 mm., full early wash colour, printed on heavy paper with close margins, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10778


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