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The Mapping of North America

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From Gerard Mercator’s edition of ‘Claudii Ptolemaei Tabulae Geographicae Orbis Terrarum’. It was in 1578 that one of the world’s greatest cartographers put out an edition of the earliest surviving geographical treatise. A Ptolemaic map of Germany as seen through the eyes of Mercator. Koeman Me 5; Nordenskiold 234; Phillips, P.L. (Atlases) 384; Shirley BL T.Ptol-11a & 11k; Van der Krogt, P. (Atlantes) 1:501.
MERCATOR, Gerard – PTOLEMY, Claudius

Europ: IIII Tab:

Francois Halma, Utrecht, 1578-[c.1695]
350 x 410 mm., with recent wash colour, a fine example.
Stock number: 5615


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