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The Mapping of North America

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First edition. A good uncut copy of a very rare item complete with the folding map and containing an abridgement of William Smith’s ‘Brief View of the Conduct of Pennsylvania’. Compiled by France’s first Commissioner to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the work served as propaganda directly after the outbreak of hostilities during the final segment of the French and Indian War. The text portrays Pennsylvania as helpless and assailable despite Benjamin Franklin’s efforts to build forts and raise money and troops for the army of General Braddock. Vail 516, note; Streeter sale 2:960; Sabin 19370.

État Présent de la Pensilvanie

Paris, 1756
Duodecimo, contemporary paper wrappers, uncut. Some slight wear, generally good condition. With folding engraved map in fine condition, woodcut head- and tailpiece.
Stock number: 1686


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