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Maps of the whole of Wales are uncommon, indeed this is only the twentieth map to be printed. It is from Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly’s ‘Grosse Deutscher Atlas’, 1789-91. It includes an inset of the Isle of Man. The atlas was an ambitious work, one map produced per week, finally totalling 830 in all. Dorflinger noted that the only complete example he was aware of was in the Universitatsbibliothek, Vienna. Not in Booth (1977); Dorflinger (1994) ‘The first Austrian world atlases’ in ‘Imago Mundi’ 33; Phillips 686; Roberts (1994) [20]; Shirley (2004) T.Reil 1a no. 85; Tooley Dictionary (1999-2004).
VON REILLY, Franz Johann Joseph

Das Furstenthum Wales

Antwerp, 1789
225 x 290 mm., early wash colour, in good condition.
Stock number: 10516
£ 110
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