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Johann Theodor de Bry (1561-1623) was the son of the printer Theodore de Bry (1528-98). Along with his brother Johann Israel de Bry (1565-1609) he worked for his father learning many aspects of the business. Johann Theodore’s talents lay as an engraver and he was particularly attracted to botany. Some of the inspiration for the ‘Florilegium Novum’ comes from Pierre Vallet’s ‘Jardin du Roy’ published in Paris, 1608. As de Bry states in his preliminary matter ‘Of all things which spring from the earth, flowers are the most beautiful for their grace and dignity’. The ‘Oak Spring Flora’ describes his work thus ‘The unsurpassed artistry for which de Bry was renowned throughout Europe emerges clearly in the plates of this florilegium. Each has been carefully composed, and the confident lines of the engraving, with their fine shading, denote the hand of a true master.’ Arber (1986) p. 244; Hunt (1958) 197; Nissen BBI (1966) 272; ‘Oak Spring Flora’ (1997) pp. 46-52.
DE BRY, Theodore

Croc vern latif

Croc vern latif (decorative print)
Oppenheim, 1612
11 x 7 inches, modern gouache coloured copperplate engraving
Stock number: D2002
$ 315
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