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This rare and important survey is the first of the county produced on the scale of one inch to the mile. It was justifiably awarded the Silver Medal from the Society of Arts. Engraved by P. Begbie who worked on a similar large scale map of Kincardineshire in 1776 it displayed many of the usual characteristics of large scale maps but some that were less common. For instance the detail on the roads extends to whether it is “open on one side but with a hedge on the other”! The boundaries of all forty-three hundreds are all outlined and separately coloured. The larger towns are shown in great detail with individual buildings depicted. The large title cartouche was the work of C. W. Bamfylde. The map even extends to detail offshore with careful attention paid to the sandbanks. It was published by William Day in Blagdon, Somerset on 1 March 1782 at the reputed cost of £1050. Blagdon is a village in the north of the county just south of Bristol. Little is known cartographically by Day or Masters which is unfortunate given the standard that this map set. A fine example of one of the rarer large scale surveys of the eighteenth century. Harley, Brian ‘The Re-Mapping of England, 1750-1800’ in Imago Mundi 19 p. 63; Needell 40; Rodger (1972) no. 395.
DAY, William & MASTERS, C. Harcourt

County of Somerset Surveyed by Day and Masters MDCCLXXXII

Blagdon, 1782
Folio (550 x 410 mm.), modern half calf, marbled boards with red calf title label to the spine. With 9 sheets each 470 x 595 mm. in size in FULL EARLY WASH COLOUR.
Stock number: 5627


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