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This attractive map of Cornwall was first published in the sixth edition of William Camden’s ‘Britannia’ by George Bishop (fl.1562-1611) and John Norton (fl.1587-1612) in 1607. It was the first to be illustrated with county maps although this had been contemplated since at least 1589. Camden (1551-1623) was an antiquary and historian. An academic by profession he would become the headmaster of Westminster School in 1593. He spent much of his time travelling and collecting material for his highly respected ‘Britannia’. Here the engraver William Kip (fl.1598-1618) has drawn on that of Christopher Saxton’s map from 1579 and that of John Norden’s unpublished manuscript. The large inset upper left is of Launceston with its prominent castle. This example is from the preferred second edition which did not have any printed text on the verso and in the third state with the addition of the compass rose and the plate number above the scale. Chubb (1927) 19; Quixley (2018) 9; Shirley (2004) T.Camd 1c; Skelton (1970) 6; Taylor (1968) pp. 9-13.
SAXTON, Christopher – KIP, William

Cornwall Olim pars Danmoniorum

George Bishop and John Norton, London, 1607-[10]
300 x 395 mm., with recent wash colour, cut close upper right, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10991
£ 295
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