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Matthaus Seutter (1678-c.1757) was an engraver, globe maker and map publisher in Augsburg where he was born and died. He was apprenticed to Johann Baptist Homann and his influences can be clearly seen in his work. Although he was Homann’s main competitor his work was not largely original. In 1731 he was though named Imperial Geographer to Karl VI. He married three times and had thirteen children! Only four of them joined the firm. His son-in-law Tobias Conrad Lotter continued the firm after his death. This highly attractive map of Ceylon or Sri Lanka is one of the more desirable Ceylonese maps. It is orientated with north to the right and this example is in particularly fresh early wash colour. The cartouche features the products of trade between European and Ceylon.
SEUTTER, Matthaus

Ceylon olim Taprobana incolis Tenarisin et Lekawn dicta maxima et simul ditissima Maris Indici Insula ...

Augsburg, c.1740
490 x 570 mm., in superb early wash colour, with slight loss or upper left corner, replaced with no loss of image. The whole is backed on archival paper for no other apparent reason.
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