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The Mapping of North America

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A fine birds-eye map of the Gulf of Cataro in present day Montenegro. The town and fort of Casstel Novo, present day Herceg Novi is lower left and Cataro itself is upper right. A simple compass rose is in the middle of the Gulf with ships illustrated offshore. This likely illustrates the siege of the Holy League during the Cyprus war of 1570-73. A very rare map that is unsigned but Bifolco and Ronca attribute to Martino Rota, an engraver in Venice, on the basis of similar works that are signed. They cite only two known examples at the University Library in Salzburg, and the Austrian National Library. Provenance: Clemens Paulusch 2020; private English collection. Bifolco & Ronca (2018) 578.
ROTA, Martino

Castel Novo fortezza del Turco assediata da Christiani 1572 nel colfo di venetia

Venice, 1572
190 x 280 mm., small hole restored on left, faint vertical fold, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10831


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