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The Mapping of North America

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The ONLY KNOWN ILLUSTRATION OF THE RIDING OPENING THE SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT. Before the Union of 1707 the annual opening of the Scottish Parliament was occasioned a famous procession from Holyrood House to Parliament House. Here all of the dignitaries are shown leaving Holyrood lower left and making their way to Parliament top centre. Each individual or group is identified and the inside of the Parliament is illustrated. It was published in the second volume of the encyclopaedic atlas by Henri Abraham Chatelain (1684-1743) entitled ‘Atlas Historique ou Nouvelle Introduction a l’Histoire, a la Chronologie & a la Geographie’. It was issued from 1705 to 1720 in 7 volumes. Koeman II p. 33; Phillips 579; Shirley ‘Atlases in the BL’ T.Chat-1a; Van Waning ‘Chatelain’s Atlas Historique’ in IMCoS Journal 120 pp. 7-15.
CHATELAIN, Henri Abraham

Carte pour Donner une Idée General du Gouvernement d'Ecosse; l'Ordre de la Marche ou Cavalcade de l'Assemblee de son Parlement ...

Amsterdam, 1708
360 x 455 mm., full wash colour, small tear in upper margin not affecting the image otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 8982


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