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The Mapping of North America

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This magnificent chart in its FIRST STATE is of much of the east coast of England and from the first edition of Sir Robert Dudley’s landmark ‘Arcano del Mare’ published in Florence, 1646-48. Lord Wardington wrote that it is “ONE OF THE GREATEST ATLASES OF THE WORLD and one of the most complex ever produced: it is the first sea-atlas of the whole world; the first with all the charts constructed using Mercator’s new projection, as corrected by Edward Wright; the first to give magnetic declination; the first to give prevailing winds and currents; later to be further expanded by Maury and J.T. Towson in the nineteenth century; the first to expound the advantages of ‘Great Circle Sailing’; and the first sea-atlas to be compiled by an Englishman, albeit abroad in Italy” (Lord Wardington). The chart extends from Orford in Suffolk to Flamborough Head in Yorkshire. Dilke ‘Sir Robert Dudley’s Contributions to Cartography’, in ‘The Map Collector’ no. 19 pp. 10-14; Shirley BL Atlases M.Dud-1a no. 69; Wardington, ‘Sir Robert Dudley’, The Book Collector, 52 (2003).
DUDLEY, Sir Robert

Carte particolare della Costa di Inghilterra che comincia con Orfordness e Finisce con Flamborow heade ... di Europa Carta XXXII

Florence, 1648
475 x 365 mm., with light backing to area of fold created when on the drying rack, otherwise in very good condition.
Stock number: 8767


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