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The Mapping of North America

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A beautifully engraved map of Germany from It also includes the Low Countries, Switzerland, Austria, and Poland. The map was published by Melchoir Tavernier (1594-1665) and is dated 1645. It was published by Pierre Mariette and later included in Nicolas Sanson’s folio atlas entitled ‘Cartes Generales de Toutes les Parties du Monde’ from 1658. It was the first folio French produced world atlas. Sanson (1600-67) was to bring about the rise of French cartography, although the fierce competition of the Dutch would last until the end of the century. His success was partly owing to the partnership with the publisher Pierre Mariette. In 1644 the latter had purchased the business of Melchior Tavernier, and helped Sanson with financial support in producing the maps. In 1657 Pierre Marriette died, however his son, also named Pierre, co-published “Les Cartes Generales de toutes les parties du Monde.” the following year. Pastoureau Sanson VB no. 47, the Tavernier state no listed; Shirley ‘Atlases in the BL’ T.Com 31a-62-65.


Carte generale de L'Empire d'Allemagne et pays circonvoisins

Paris, 1645
410 x 565 mm., early outline colour, in good condition.
Stock number: 10376
£ 150
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