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A detailed map of Luxembourg from the major French world atlas for the mid-eighteenth century. Conceived in 1752, it was produced by Gilles Robert de Vaugondy (1688-1766) and his son Didier (1723-86). The career of the de Vaugondy family is superbly laid out by Mary Sponberg Pedley in her book ‘Bel et Utile’. Little is known of Gilles’ education, but he signed his marriage document in 1719 as a ‘geographe’. In 1723 he witnessed a document as a ‘professeur en mathematiques’. In 1731 he was fortunate to receive one-third of the business of the Sanson family. It was enough to launch his career. By 1734 he was made ‘Geographe du Roi’. Despite the detail applied to its accuracy they also managed to produce beautifully designed cartouches. According to Pedley these ‘attracted unanimous praise from critics’. NMM 266; Nordenskiold 245; Phillips Atlases 619; Sabin, 71863; Pedley 225; Vekene 3.28A.
VAUGONDY, Robert de

Carte du Duche de Luxembourg, dans laquelle on trouve la partie Meridionale et limitrophe de la Seigneurie de Lyege

Paris, 1753
510 x 610 mm., early outline colour, in good condition.
Stock number: 10449
£ 150
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