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The Mapping of North America

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A beautiful example of Charles Inelin’s separately published map of the British Isles in a previously unrecorded state. Inselin (fl.1680-1715) was a Parisian engraver who worked largely for Nicolas de Fer and Pierre Duval. Shirley dated this map originally to 1715 in his study of British Isles maps published in 1988. Since then two earlier states have been discovered of which only one example of each are known. The first is dated to 1701 and the second is dated 1713. The map bears a hydrographical as well as topographical focus as indicated in the text lower right. As such it extends to include Denmark and much of the Low Countries with great detail of the banks and shoals in the North Sea.

It is the third state dated 1715 in which although still rare, this map is most usually seen. This bears the imprint lower right of ‘Sr. Jaillot Geographe, joignant les Grands Augustins, aux deux Globes, avec privil. du Roi 1745.’ This refers to Bernard Jean Hyacinth Jaillot (1673-1739), son of Alexis-Hubert Jaillot (c.1632-1712). A fifth state dated 1793 by Mondhare is recorded with 4 known examples. Shirley (1988) Inselin 1.

INSELIN, Charles

Carte des Royaumes D'Angleterre D'Ecosse et D'Irlande

Sr. Jaillot Geographe, joignant les Grands Augustins, aux deux Globes, avec privil. du Roi, Paris, 1701-[45]
THE ONLY KNOWN EXAMPLE OF THIS STATE. 640 x 850 mm., two sheets joined, early outline colour, dissected and laid on contemporary linen with edging, contemporary manuscript title on verso, some browning at the join, otherwise in good condition.
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