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The Mapping of North America

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Pierre Antoine Tardieu (1784-1869) was a well-known engraver and mapmaker in Paris and part of an extensive family involved in the profession. He worked initially with his father Antoine Francois Tardieu (1757-1822), himself an established cartographer, before setting up on his own. He is credited with being the first mapmaker to engrave on steel. This map of the southeast was engraved for the ‘Atlas Universel’ published by Edme Mentelle and Pierre Gregoire Chanlaire, c.1800. The engraving is of a high standard typical of Tardieu and illustrates the region in detail. The border between Virginia and North Carolina does not extend to the west. This was a period of emigration beyond the Appalachian Mountains, however very few settlements are yet shown. These are mostly in the Wabash River region in present day southern Indiana. Of note is the presence of numerous early roads. Refer Shirley (2004) T.Ment-2a; Tooley’s Dictionary (1999-2004).
TARDIEU, Ambroise

Carte de la Caroline Meridionale et Septentrionale et de Virginie

Paris, c.1795
340 x 430 mm. Early outline colour. Minor water stain on the left side, a very large margin and some distance from the image.
Stock number: 2525


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