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This fine engraved map of Wales by Pieter van den Keere was first issued in the Latin edition of Jodocus Hondius’ edition of Gerard Mercator’s ‘Atlas Sive Cosmographiae’ issued in 1607 as an additional plate. This example is from the French edition of 1628. It is derived from Humphrey Lloyd’s map as published by Abraham Ortelius, the first modern map of Wales. The most notable difference is the addition of a quarter compass rose in the lower left corner. Degrees of longitude and latitude are also added in the borders. Booth (1977) no. 3; Evans (1964) pp. 4-5; Koeman (1967-70) Me 16 no. 143 p. 308; Van der Krogt, P. (1997-2003) 5500:1A.1; Roberts (1994) [5].
HONDIUS, Jodocus

Cambriae Typus Auctore Humfredo Lhuydo, Denbigiense Cambrobritanno; Petrus Kaerius Caela

Amsterdam, 1607-[28]
350 x 490 mm., in recent outline colour, with French text to the verso, in good condition.
Stock number: 10631
£ 750
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