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The Mapping of North America

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An attractive map of Roman Britain including England, Wales and portions of Scotland and Ireland. It appeared in the first illustrated edition of William Camden’s seminal ‘Britannia’, 1600. First published in 1586, an issue with county maps had been contemplated since at least 1589 when Abraham Ortelius advised Camden to use the services of a Dutch firm of engravers such as the brothers Doetecum. It would not appear until 1607. Indeed, for that edition a larger version of this map was engraved. ‘No praise was thought too high for the ‘Britannia” (Taylor). Camden (1551-1623) was an antiquary and historian. An academic by profession he would become the headmaster of Westminster School in 1593. He spent much of his time travelling and collecting material for his highly respected ‘Britannia’. The ‘Britannia’ is a noble piece of literature carefully composed over many years and is the fruit of deep and diligent research. It was the first great history of the Islands. An instant success it would go on to many editions over the ensuing two centuries. This edition is the first in which Camden answers the charges raised by Ralph Brooke in his ‘Discoverie of Certaine Errours’, 1599.

The publisher George Bishop (fl. 1562-1611) was one of the first English born booksellers to be significant in the import trade. He would also be behind the 1607 edition which bore county maps. The maps here are engraved by William Rogers in a beautiful style. This one includes all the early tribal names and Hadrian’s wall in the north. Provenance: Doreen Green 2001; private English collection. ESTC S107386; Shirley (1991) 231; refer Skelton (1970) 5; Taylor Late Tudor and Early Stuart Geography pp. 9-13; Worms & Baynton-Williams (2011).

ROGERS, William

Britannia Provincia Romanorum

London, 1600
175 x 205 mm., in good condition.
Stock number: 10616
£ 650
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