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Carington Bowles (1724-93) was the son of the mapseller John Bowles. He was apprenticed to his father in 1741 and made free in 1752. At first he worked in partnership with his father as John Bowles & Son from about 1753 until taking over from his uncle Thomas Bowles in about 1762. One of his first British projects was on the extremely rare ‘Royal English Atlas’ with Emanuel Bowen and Thomas Kitchin. This large scale map of England and Wales in four sheets was first published in 1782. The information is drawn from Daniel Paterson (1738-1825) who was commissioned in the Army in 1765 and served in the Quartermaster General’s department until 1812. The first edition of Paterson’s Roads appeared in 1771. This is an example of the first edition dated 2 January 1782. There was a further edition in 1788. Carroll (1996) pp. 393-8; Tooley (1999-2004); Worms & Baynton-Williams (2011).
BOWLES, Carington

Bowles's New and Accurate Map of England and Wales; Comprehending all the Cities, Boroughs, Market and Sea-Port Towns, Villages, Lakes, Rivers, Forests, Ruins, and Principal Seats of the Nobility; with the Roads, described by Daniel Paterson ...

Carington Bowles No. 69 St. Pauls Church Yard, London, 2 Jan 1782
1300 x 1050 mm., four sheets joined as two, in excellent full early wash colour, in very good condition.
Stock number: 7363


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