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The Mapping of North America

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A fine attractive map of upper Austria by Nicolaas Visscher II (1649-1702) who had inherited the shop of his father of the same name, upon his death in 1679. The following year he married Elizabeth Verseyl of Gouda. In 1682 he applied to the States of Holland and West Friesland for a patent for printing and publishing maps, it was granted the same year. He promptly printed a catalogue of his available maps which does not include this one. From about 1683 he first published the ‘Atlas Minor’. A second patent was granted in 1697. Koeman (1967-70) III p. 179 no. 101*; Tooley’s Dictionary.

Austriae Archiducatus pars Superior

Amsterdam, c.1685
470 x 570 mm., early outline colour. With margin tear upper left restored where browned a little, not effecting the image.
Stock number: 2921


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