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The Mapping of North America

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This extremely attractive frontispiece is from the second volume of an ‘Atlas Contract’ by Carol Allard (1648-c.1706). An atlas of this title is not recorded in Koeman. He was the son of Hugo Allard (1625-91), also a cartographer in Amsterdam. He took over the business of his father upon his death. By 1706 he had transferred ownership to his own son, Abraham (1676-c.1730). In 1708 a wholesale auction of the stock took place. Carol Allard is mainly known for selling the works of others although some of his own were published such as this. He never received a privilege from the authorities and was often in trouble with the Guild. In one instance for selling ‘obscene and scurrilous prints and drawings’. Koeman (1967-70) I p. 31.

Atlas Contract

Amsterdam, c.1690
490 x 280 mm., full early wash colour heightened with gold, trimmed tight at the top, small wormhole, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 10760
£ 295
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