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THE REPEAL OF THE STAMP ACT. The rare first printing of the repeal of the notorious STAMP ACT of 1765 [5 Geo III Cap.12] which brought such indignation from the American Colonies and ultimately was key to the eventual Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution. The British government had taken on huge debts to finance the French and Indian War and felt that some of the cost should be borne by the colonies. The Act placed a tax on all legal and commercial almanacs, cards, dice, newspapers, pamphlets and papers in the American Colonies. It was immediately denounced with the now famous phrase ‘taxation without representation’. The British Government soon realised the error of their ways and in the following session repealed the Act. The political damage was however already done. The ESTC records just three copies. Church 1060; ESTC N56896.

An Act to repeal an Act made in the last Session of Parliament, intituled, 'An Act for granting and applying certain Stamp Duties, and other Duties, in the British Colonies and Plantations in America ...'

London, 1766
THE REPEAL OF THE STAMP ACT. Folio (300 x 195 mm.), pp. 4, (243-4), in good condition.
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