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The Mapping of North America

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A very rare apparently separately issued map of the American continent published by the family firm of Crepy. Founded by Jean Crepy (c.1650-1739), several members of the family were involved. Their relationships are not entirely clear. The left side presents 27 medallions, mostly illustrated with portraits of notable figures, within a ribbon like pattern. Nearby several are identified with legends. This envelops the ornate title being held by a native. Further large legends provide a history and description of the continent. California is shown as a large island with an interesting feature nearby of the Colorado River running parallel to the passageway separating California from the mainland. A clear indication of how the low lying mouth of the river caused the confusion of California as an Island in the first place. Of further note is the display of Nouveau Londres in the southeast, a town first settled in 1682. It was renamed Willtown in 1708 by the Lords Proprietors. McLaughlin & Mayo (1995) 214; Tooley’s Dictionary (1999-2004).
CREPY (family)


Crepy rue St. Jacques a St. Jacques, Paris, 1735
525 x 625 mm., early outline colour, with 14 cms. tear to right of lower centrefold with old repair on verso.
Stock number: 10128


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