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The Mapping of North America

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An attractive bird’s eye view of Aden dominates the top of the plate. Along the bottom are depictions of three towns along the east coast of Africa. The ‘Civitates Orbis Terrarum’ was compiled by George Braun (1541-1622) the Canon of Cologne Cathedral. Braun produced a total of over 500 city views and maps published in six parts between 1572 and 1617. Most of the engraving was the work of Simon Novellanus and Frans Hogenberg (1535-1590), many after drawings by George Hoefnagel. Little first hand material was available for them to use of the east but here they were fortunate to know Constantin van Lyskirchen of Cologne. He was a merchant who was able to supply views of the region apparently drawn from manuscripts produced by an unknown Portuguese illustrator. Published in the first volume. Koeman II B & H 1 no. 53; Fauser, A. 817; Norwich, O.I. 332.
BRAUN, George – HOGENBERG, Frans

Aden, Arabiae Foelicis Emporium Celeberrimi Nominis, quo ex India, Aethiopia .../ Mombaza/ Quiloa [and] Cefala

Cologne, 1572-[82]
340 x 470 mm., with recent wash colour, in very good condition with Latin text to the verso.
Stock number: 5832


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