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Separately printed broadside about which we could find no record. It is not in the ESTC. John Ellicott (1702/03-72) was a noted watchmaker and scientist in London. He was elected to the Royal Society in 1738 and provided equipment for Captain James Cook’s 1769 voyage to record the transit of Venus. He published a number of papers. This broadside was no doubt issued before 1738 and illustrates the amount of time the noon day sun is slower or faster than the mean time. Provenance: Earl of Macclesfield; Sotheby’s auction 13 March 2008 lot 4145. Not in ESTC; ODNB.

A Table of the Equation of Time computed at the mean noon of every day for the meridian of Greenwich observatory. The Black figures denote the clock faster than the sun; and the Red, slower.

Printed for John Ellicott, watch-maker at the Royal Exchange, London, c.1735
Folio (485 x 380 mm.), printed in red and black. With old folds, binding holes in upper margin, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 1946


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