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A lovely early coloured copper plate view of Brighton, Sussex. By the mid-1700s English taste for prints was moving in to landscape views. One of the earliest proponents of this was a George Lambert (1700-65). However there is no evidence of any relation to our James Lambert. James (1725-88) was born in Willingdon, Sussex. He spent much of his life in Lewes and had London exhibitions between 1769 and 1778. In 1765 he painted this fine view of Brighton, and in the same year appeared an advert in the ‘Lewes Journal’. first published in the same year. It stated ‘Proposal for a print of the view of Brightelmston and the sea coast as far as the Isle of Wight from a drawing taken on the spot by James Lambert, Painter, Lewes. Conditions – the drawing shall be made very correct, and a print neatly engraved from it, two feet in length at least; the price, to subscribers, will be five shillings …’ As of 1995 the location of the original painting was unknown This is an example of the second state published by the firm of James Edwards of Brompton. It was engraved by the great talent Pierre Charles Canot (1710-77,) a Frenchman who practised etching and line engraving. He moved to England in 1740 where he spent the rest of his life. Although research seems to indicate that the Lambert family name died out, there is an interesting pencil notation on the verso by ‘J. Lambert’ dated 1817. The field depicted was known as Belle Vue. The whole depicts the coastal town of Brighton as we know it with farmers engaged in the harvesting of crops. Cattle are seen pulling the hay collected by people cutting with scythes. Further in the distance are three wind mills. In the centre of the view standing on its own is Baker’s Library with a rotunda near. Provenance: pencil notation on the verso ‘1817 Aug 22 Received 14.9 for this Number J. Edwards’; private English collection since the 1980s. Mackenzie (1998) p. 117; Smith, Henry (1995) ‘James Lambert. Every Picture tells a story’, in ‘Sussex Past and Present’ August 1995.

A Perspective View of Brighthelmston, and of the Sea Coast as far as the Isle of Wight

James Edwards, Brompton, Middlesex, Brompton, 1817
420 x 600 mm., in fine early wash colour, with old folds, one tear upper right just in to the image, repaired, signs of one of the folds split although repaired professionally, otherwise in good condition.
Stock number: 6182
£ 495
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